Hello, my name is André Lima. I am a Brazilian biologist for 30 years and a professor and researcher for 20 years. I've dedicated my career to unlocking the genetic potential of natural resources for their biotechnological and ecosystemic relevance. I am also a passionate artist and invite you to explore and enjoy my exclusive images and that have been created using artificial intelligence. With our partners at ChariTEES.org we are offering limited editions of my art on tee shirts, hoodies and tote bags that will be printed using direct to film technology. Welcome to my world of nature and technolgy. Come join us!

Scientist & Creator

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of Animal Diversity & Digital Art (ADDA) at Lima AI Art Gallery. Curated by a geneticist biologist, our gallery invites you to delve into the enchanting fusion of science and creativity, showcasing vibrant AI-generated images. Prepare to be captivated as we present our distinct collections—Aquatic Wonders, Terra Tales, and Sky Symphony—each intricately woven into the essence of ADDA.

Animal Diversity & Digital Art (ADDA)

Discover a harmonious blend of visual art and music on our Animals Diversity & Digital Art (AD&DA) YouTube channel! Immerse yourself in over 20,000 songs spanning 50 genres, perfectly complementing AI-generated art. Curated by geneticist biologist André Lima, this channel offers a unique sensory experience. Explore the enthralling world of AD&DA and stay tuned for exclusive NFTs and limited-edition prints. Subscribe now for an extraordinary journey into the intersection of biology and artificial intelligence!

Digital Art & Music

Animal Diversity & Digital Art (ADDA)